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The Tomb Raiders were a colony of Pharaoh Ants who had been taken under the care of by Mikey Bustos since November 2017, after their attack on The Titans during the November 2017 Garden of Eden War, back before their supercolony fractured.


On November they got into Garden of Eden and are one of three ants colonies participating in November 2017 Garden of Eden War. They may have attacked The Savage Black Crazy Ants and The Titans. Then, Mikey Bustos captured many of them (during the time they were wild ants) including various members and one queen, eventually transforming these captured members into civilized colony. Not all of the wild pharaoh ants were made into the Tomb Raiders and many of them are trying to unite with the Tomb Raiders.

After five days they have been infested with some kind of mould. The growth of the mold eventually declined due to installment of better air circulation.

Around the same time, a mite infestation was popping up in the Tomb Raider setup.

After two weeks the mite infestation has proven too great and ant have been released and their setup has been washed for new ants to come


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The Tomb Raider setup is a large setup consisting of several containers and connectors.

Locations within the Tomb Raider setup:

  • Valley of the Kings
  • Garden of Anubis
  • Rosetta Stone Desert
  • Garden of Alexandria
  • Field of Aaru
  • Nefretiti's Tunnel
  • Nubian Shelf
  • Pyramid's Rise
  • Cairo's Drop
  • Pharaoh Rise
  • Bridge of Horus
  • Osiris Underpass
  • Sphinx Staircase
  • Club Oasis


Their name, given by AC family, is probably based on the Tomb Raider game series.