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Not to be confused with the Second Titans.

Decapitated Super Major Head

The Titans, who were also called the Majestic Titans, were a one-queen colony of Asian Marauder Ants (Carebara diversa).

They were a member of the Five Kingdoms.

On January 27, 2018, the remains of the Titans' queen had been found buried in the soil of their habitat by Mikey Bustos, which confirmed the death of the Titans' colony.

The colony had massive Supermajors, which acted as the colony guards and can helped with cutting up food.

The Unnamed Titan Queen had always been accompanied by an escort of Supermajors.


The Titans were placed into the Garden of Eden after the Jaw Breakers died. They moved into the terrarium but did not explore the surface, which led to believe that the Titans were dying. Their original setup was taken out of the terrarium and the Dark Knights were given the opportunity to move in. After the Dark Knights moved out, the Titans emerged and showed that they are not dead.

The Titans were spotted sharing The Garden of Eden with a colony of savage black crazy ants after a cockroach was put in The Garden of Eden. During this time a pharaoh ant was spotted inside the cage as well. It was later revealed that this group of black crazy ants were sharing The Garden of Eden with The Titans. Later, the Pharaoh ants were spotted inside The Garden of Eden with the new black crazy ants and The Titans stealing their foods. The Pharaoh Ants were killing off and stealing food from the The Titans posing a serious threat to their survival. The threat of the Pharaoh Ants were finally repelled and the Titans have survived this experience. They were currently still sharing a cage with these new black crazy ants.

Titans Queen Part

Mikey Bustos, after returning to his home from vacation he discovered the Pharaoh Ants had returned to the terrarium, and shortly after that The Titans were nowhere to be seen. Fortunately, after the Tomb Raiders were released, Pharaoh Ants have gone from Garden of Eden. They were one of the lucky colonys to be realeased


Initial setup for The Titans

The Titans lived together with Spring Cleaners and the New Black Crazy Ant Colony in the Garden of Eden, a terrarium that was designed for reptiles, although initially The Titans were housed in three soil-filled plastic condiment containers.