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The Shire is a terrarium that houses the Black Panthers.

It is a twin terrarium to the Grove.


On May 2018, the terrarium is invaded with a couple of termites male alate to find the Queen inside after it had released the pheromone trait. Which many of them perish to be consume by Diacama Rugosum Ants except only one. Where Mikey Bustos picked them up from the terrarium to rejoin them together to found a colony for the possibility of Ants colony food sources in the future.

On July 2018, the terrarium had spawn with male alates for the Nuptial flight season had come for the Black Panthers.

On June 2019, the terrarium was discarded after the colony had pass away, due to their dominate worker ant no longer laying eggs or mating during nuptial flight season.


  • The terrarium is probably named after the location, Shire from the fiction fatansy book, Middle-earth.