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The Savage Black Crazy Ants are a colony of Black Crazy Ants that live in a crack of a wall on a balcony.


One day, the Savage Black Crazy Ants decided to launch a massacre on the Jaw-Breakers. The Savage Black Crazy Ants were victorious and left nothing of the Jaw-Breaker colony intact.

The Savage Black Crazy Ants regularly attack the Dark Knights, but they are easily outnumbered on Dark Knight turf. And have never launched a successful invasion. It is also presumably, that this colony is the same one that had launch an invasion on Garden of Eden and setting up the base there to seize up the resources there in competing with Titans & Unnamed Pharaoh Ants. Only to be unsuccessfully to scavenging the leftover from the Pharaoh Ants had eaten. Following the demise of the Terrarium, it has not been mention since at the start of 2018. Presumably, they had return back to the crack.