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Mikey Bustos is a Filipino-Canadian professional singer and songwriter and the owner of the AntsCanada ant channel. His professional music career began in 2003 when he appeared in Canadian Idol. Since then, he has been known for running his multiple YouTube channels dedicated to music, comedy, and ants, including:

  • Mikey Bustos - In which he releases Filipino comedy, and parody videos of popular songs
  • MikeyBustosVLOGS - In which he releases daily vlogs of his travels and life
  • MikeyBustosMUSIC - In which he releases original songs and covers
  • AntsCanada - In which he features his personal ant colonies, and promotes his International ant keeping enterprise,


Mikey Bustos had been, since a young age, interested in biology and particularly ants. In 2009, he started an online business called in which he sells ant keeping apparatus, and queen ants.

The AntsCanada Youtube channel was started around this time too. It was originally used by Mikey to upload ant keeping tutorials, but eventually shifted towards documenting the lives of his personal ant colonies. The AntsCanada channel now has over 3.8 million subscribers.