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The Jawbreakers were a menacing colony of Trap-Jaw Ants (Odontomachus infandus) and a former member of the Five Kingdoms.


The JawBreakers started as a one-queen colony with a few workers, and eventually grew into a colony of 30 or so members. The Jaw-Breakers were a shy colony and careful with their food choices. They rejected roaches that were too big.

It was planned that the JawBreakers were going to move into a new terrarium. However, they were wiped out by Savage Black Crazy Ants, marking the end of the kingdom.

In one of AntsCanada's videos, he revived the colony.

Many years later, which brings up to the year 2020, the coronavirus pandemic hit, causing a massive lockdown. Because of this, Mikey and his helper could not get enough food for them. Therefore, despite a spring tail colony (it required trash from insect exoskeletons) to feed from, they were moved out.