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The Golden Springs is a pool that was establish inside the Hacienda del Dorado to control the booming population of the Golden Empire.


The Pool had featuring waterfall, waterplant and moist to attract the members of the colony that unfortunate fall into the water and drown to death, allowing the Emperor Sapphire to clean up the water inside the pool.

On November 2018, Emperor Sapphire had been moved out from the Spring due to its size had grow too much for the pool limited it space to live. Mikey Bustos had relocated the Crayfish elsewhere. At the same time, he renovating the springs including the whole setup with the additional of new plant. While at the same time, adding the Unnamed Axolotl inside. However, its is only temporary until he find out that the discarded El Dragon Island inhabitant is even better inside the pool than the amphibian.

On January 2019, the springs is removed inside from Hacienda del Dorado for the population to boom once again following by the parasitic mite infestation.