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The Golden Empire Unification War was an ant war between the Golden Empire and the Unnamed Yellow Crazy Ant Colony 2 in March 2017.



Before the war started, the Golden Empire was infested with Phoredic Mites, which caused casualties among the Golden Empire and weakening it. As a countermeasure to the infestation, the Golden Empire was introduced to a new colony of five queens.

The newcomers began exploring the Hacienda del Dorado without much trouble, even carrying brood into this new world.

However, this, what at first seemed to be a peaceful encounter, spiraled into a full military conflict.

Battle for the Hacienda del Dorado

During the battle, the Unnamed Yellow Crazy Ant Colony sent out its full power. In response, the Golden Empire sent out their infantry units. The once peaceful Hacienda turned into a battlefield of carnage and bloodshed. Both sides suffered some casualties.

Aftermath and unification

The Hacienda del Dorado after the cleanup, void of ant activity.

At one point both factions agreed to stop fighting and unite into one supercolony. The Unnamed Yellow Crazy Ant Colony managed to move in. The bodies of the fallen troops were cleaned up and peace was restored to the Hacienda del Dorado. Ant activity was minimal after the cleanup, as both parties needed to recover. It took a dead cockroach to restart the daily activities, now with more antpower than ever.