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The Golden Empire is a Yellow Crazy Ant (Anoplolepis gracilipes) colony that live in the Hacienda del Dorado with various other animals.

They are a member of the Five Kingdoms.


The Golden Empire started with the two queens, the Unnamed Golden Empire Queen 1, and the Unnamed Golden Empire Queen 2, and were fused with a single-queen mature colony under Unnamed Unnamed Yellow Crazy Ant Colony 1 Queen.

The Golden Empire suffered from a period of colony infection from life-threatening mites. Countermeasures against the infection were takes, first by exposure to lemons, the movement of the colony into a huge tank, and eventually the fusion with another 5-queen supercolony.

The fusion with the colony was not without problems. Initially, the Golden Empire and the Unnamed Yellow Crazy Ant Colony 2 saw each other as enemies and started an ant war. Eventually the two colonies merged into a greater Golden Empire.

Shortly after, the Golden Empire was mite-free. However, their booming population needed to be controlled to prevent overcrowding, and they needed to be partially culled. Potential biological solutions to this problem introduced, first with the Pitcher plant. However, it ended in failure. second plan with the Unnamed Giant Asian praying Mantis, but it only work temporarily until the individual had grow up after molten it skin and was removed from the terrarium.

In December 2017, the colony was given a new location to inhabit, the Golden Rock, in which served as major food hub for the empire to feed on honeydew. Afterwards, the place served as a buried group for the bodies of the dying member to be pill at the test tube.

In February 2018, the Hacienda Del Dorado was to be renovated with the additional of an artificer spring and blue electric crayfish to keep the population in check.

In January 2019, the Golden Empire was infected by a plague of blood-sucking mites, which drastically lowered the population of the colony. After conducting a test with Hypoaspis mites, which are often used as biological pest control, were harvested off of the rhinoceros beetle Apollo, it was discovered that the Hypoaspis mites would eat the blood-sucking mites. One of the imperial queens and two mite-free workers were quarantined just in case no others were alive. A large amount of ants were found holed up in their subterranean tunnels by uprooting a Bromeliad plant and harmless mites from other rhinoceros beetles were introduced to cleanse the ants. In order to prevent the parasitic mites from leaving the Hacienda Del Dorado and infecting other colonies, an Angel of Death, which was a cane toad, was released to consume the remaining ants within the terrarium. The cane toad, however, did not perform as expected. After being removed, a couple of painted frogs (addressed as toads) were introduced in place of their predecessor. The cane toad is to be kept and raised to adulthood in the Ant Room. There is also a house gecko dubbed the "Guardian Goblin" currently within the Hacienda Del Dorado which eats elates and other potentially harmful insects from the other colonies that happen to enter the terrarium.

Mikey Bustos soon calculated that the current "Death Sprites", his triumvirate of three painted toads would not eradicated.

In June 2019, the colony was given a new Ant farm to inhabit, following their recovery from mite-infestation plague and was revealed to have at least five egg-laying queen still alive and well after the mite plague war ended.

In October 2020, it was revealed that most of the colony died expect 200 workers or so. However, they joined another colony with at least 20 queens. Polls were taken to see what setup they would move into next.

In December 2020, the polls were over and the colony was given a new home, the Crystal Catacombs.

In January 2020, AntsCanada found another colony of little ants living within the Crystal Catacombs, and yet another mite plaque has started to infest the Golden Empire.


Hacienda del Dorado

The Hacienda del Dorado was established in February 2017 for the Golden Empire to getting rid of Mite-free, but was removed out from the terrarium after the mite-infestation with only a few remaining member left that leaves the frog to ate up everything.

Golden Rock

The Golden Rock was created after Mikey had given the gold plate from Youtube CEO in honoured for him surpass 1,000,000 subscribers. It was established in December 2017 for the Golden Empire to be the food hub of the colony to feed.

Golden Springs

The Golden Springs was established in February 2018 for their booming population control. In additional, a electric blue crayfish to clean up the drowned ants that adventure themselves to the pool. In November 2018, the crayfish was replaced by Unnamed Axolotl. However, its only temporary until it ultimately replaced by El Dragon Island cleaners crew habitants.

Crystal Catacombs

The Crystal Catacombs was established in January 2021 for the new, recombined Golden Empire after they nearly died out with only around 200 workers left. It is inhabited by another smaller colony too.