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The Garden of Eden is a terrarium that was supposed to house the Jaw Breakers, but after the Jaw Breakers ceased to exist, the Titans took the terrarium instead.


The Titans moved into the terrarium but they did not explore the surface, which led to believe that the Titans were dying.

After the Titans had supposedly died, the Dark Knights were offered the Garden of Eden as an expansion to their home. However, they managed to escape the Garden of Eden, leading to the Dark Knights being removed from the terrarium.

Shortly after the Dark Knights left, the Titans seemed to emerge from the soil in the Garden of Eden. They were not dead after all.

In November of 2017 an ant war between the Titans, Unknown Black Crazy Ants and Unkown Pharaoh Ants occured.

In January of 2018 second ant war between The Titans, Unknown Pharaoh Ants and Unknown Black Crazy Ants. In which, both Pharaoh and Black Crazy Ants ended in stalemated.

The Terrarium was demised after Mikey Bustos digging up everything for the sight of Titans, only to be found out. the Titans had completely dismembered. Afterwards, the location setup is followed by El Dragon Island housed with Black Dragons.