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The Dark Knights are one of the Five Kingdoms. They are a colony of Black Crazy Ants (Paratrechina longicornis). The colony lives in a 2 story setup roughly 12 metres (40 ft), which spans two floors. However, in April 2018, the distance had been extended more 15 ft, making a total of 55 ft of their travelling route.

The Dark Knights are capable of creating multiple egg-laying queens.This Black Crazy Ant species is capable of double cloning, making siblings reproductives genetically unrelated and therefore eliminating the possibility for genetic birth defects. The Dark Knights are technically an immortal colony which can self-perpetuate forever as long as they keep producing queens.

The Dark Knights have two settlements: the Northern Dark Knight Colony and the Southern Dark Knight Colony.

The Dark Knights are quick-moving, capable of running circles around other ants such as the Fire Nation.


The Dark Knights started as a two-queen colony, consisting of Unnamed Dark Knight Queen 1 and Unnamed Dark Knight Queen 2 in a test tube, but eventually they were placed in a two-story setup. Following of many events of other Ants Colony.

The Savage Black Crazy Ants regularly attacks the Dark Knights, so far none of their attacks have been deemed successful.

The Dark Knights have been moved in into the Garden of Eden after the Titans supposedly died. However, the Dark Knights managed to escape from the terrarium and were eventually placed out of the Garden of Eden, following the demise of the terrarium. Their Northern Territory are placed next to the El Dragon Island, where the Polyrhachis semiinermis of Black Dragons is.

In April 2018, the Dark Knights will be given a three new territory to be explore, Tour des Fleurs, Zen Jardim and Billabong Hill for the upgrade of the Northern Territory and the replacement for the Rooster Plant Pot of the rubble maid bin. It is also revealed that the colony have hundred of egg laying queen if not thousand for the population booming into highest numbers than any of the other ant colony combine. However, the colony decided to maintaining the numbers. Not to be explosive than the Fire Nation, Golden Empire, Bobbleheads and Second Titans.

In October 2019 the tude connecting to the Uncle Milton Ant Farm disconnected which allowed the Dark Knights to escape the terrarium and head into the wild.


The setup of the Dark Knights consists of several parts.

Unnamed Terrarium

It was established in November 2019 after the colony had escaped from the Uncle Milton Ant Farm through the loosed disconnected pile tube during an earthquake of October 29, 2019.

Northern Dark Knight Setup

The location is located at the top floor, next of Mikey Butos bedroom. It was established following the introduction of the Who Wins: Red Ants VS Black Ants. Sometime in 2017, the set up is given with additional by the Rooster Plant Pot inside the rubber maid bin for their main nesting site. The setup is upgraded with three new Outworld, that is capable of stacking and resemble of tower after Rooster Plant Pot is discarded in April 2018.

Uncle Milton Ant Farm

Uncle Milton Ant Farm was given in December 25th 2017 as a Christmas gift for them to experience the sand that is outside in the wild.

Tour des Fleurs

The Tour des Fleurs was establish along with Zen Jardim and Billabong Hill in April 2018. The setup is represented with flowers that is native to Europe & Africa.

Zen Jardim

The Zen Jardim was establish along with Tour des Fleurs and Billabong Hill in April 2018. It is garden setup that represented with the flower from Japan and the plant that is native to Brazil with the additional of the wooden hut and soil.

Billabong Hill

The Billabong Hill was establish along with Tour des Fleurs and Zen Jardim in April 2018. The setup is made with deep green mossy with stone and a lotus plant that represented from North America and Australia.

Southern Dark Knight Setup

The location is established January 2017 at the down floor of the kitchen at the top of the refrigerator. Where it added for the requiring space for the Dark Knights to thrived for their booming population.