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The Bobbleheads is a Pheidole Ant colony that lives inside the Avista.

It was established in July 2018, after Mikey Bustos travelled to the rainforests of St.Lucia and set up a poll whether or not to establish a Pheidole Ant colony. The colony has four queens, which banded together to form a super colony similar to the Dark Knights, Golden Empire, Second Titans and Second Unnamed Carpenter Ants Colony.


The colony had been infested with phoretic mites prior to the capture, which was also before Mikey had set up the Avista for them to live inside. Now the colony has established a new home inside the island's soils.

On September 2018, the colony was given an additional floating island to expand their kingdom for the booming population, which would otherwise be crowded in the main island.

In 2020, the Bobbleheads had to be released due to Mikey not having enough resources for the ants


  • The colony is named after the type of doll, where the head is often oversized compared to its body and may bobble on a spring, as the name suggests.