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The Black Panthers are a Diacamma Rugosum ant colony living in the Shire.


This colony was announced by Mikey Bustos in the video of Ants vs Water Monster of the Golden Empire episodes. It is a newly announced Diacamma Rugosum colony living in the new territory known as the Shire. These ants are also known as Bornean Queenless Ants. And yes, they do not have a queen. Instead, they have a Gamergate, which basically has the same traits as a queen, but looks like a worker that breed the colony like royal highness. Black Panthers also hunt spring tails for a little bit of meal if they can get it from their jaw.

On May 2018, the colony hunt a couple of termites male alates, that had wondering into their headquarter after attracted by the lights from above.

On July 2018, the colony have producing male alates as it is the season of the Nuptial flight for them. It can also possibility the Gamergate mate with it own sons to continue the survived of the colony.

On June 2019, the the dominate worker ant can no longer laying eggs leaving the whole colony passed away without another a gamergate to succeed.


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